Motor cover

Motor cover

More than 100 accidents occur daily in Kiev. To be a participant in an accident simply as to the frequent accidents on the roads, their condition and non-compliance with the rules of road traffic by other participants. Kiev also leads in of the number of accidents with drunken drivers (more than 600 accidents in 2017 according to the National Police). Weather conditions, especially in winter lead to accidents, even standing still (flooding, falling trees, icicles, lightning, etc.)

How to protect yourself?

Insurance of cars takes the first place in the list of actual types of insurance. And this, indeed, is the solution to a number of possible problems that the driver could meet with. This is a guarantee that gives confidence in free movement on your own transport.

How to choose an insurance company?

The company Consoris more than 15 years provides brokerage services in the field of Motor insurance. Since 2003, we have been studying and updating the database on the financial stability of insurance companies. The unique method of assessing the reliability of insurance companies developed by our specialists allows you to filter out unreliable insurance and choose the best option for you (for more information on assessing the financial reliability of insurance companies, see “Insurance Consulting“).

Our approach allows clients to make an informed optimal choice among different offers of different insurance companies, based on a professionally prepared comparison




Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability (CMTPL (OSAGO) or CASCO? That is the question!

You could hear these abbreviations, even if you only want to get a personal transport. What is their relationship, and what is the difference? Let’s figure it out.

  1. Liability insurance (OSAGO) and its derivatives.

Here everything is simple – you insure the event when an accident occurs due to your fault and the insurance company pays the damage that caused to the third parties as to the policy wording. The liability limit for CMTPL (OSAGO) is established by law and at the moment is up to 100,000 UAH for damages caused to property and up to 200,000 UAH for bodily injury to a third party. It should be understood that within these limits the insurance company will indemnify the damage and/or loss and if it exceeds these limits, the missing amount will have to be paid out of your own pocket.

Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (OSAGO ) as we see from the title, is a necessary type of insurance and, in case of its absence, you:

  • break the law of Ukraine;
  • you do not have the right to drive;
  • pay a fine;
  • in case of an accident, you will indemnify for all the damage caused to a third party due to your fault.

In addition to CMTPL (OSAGO), there is a Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability. It is designed to expand the scope and limits of liability, which does not provide under CMTPL (OSAGO).

To travel on your car abroad, you need to make a policy Green Card to cover you third party liability outside of Ukraine. This is “OSAGO for travelling abroad”, without which you will not be released from the territory of Ukraine by car. The “green zone” includes the countries of Europe and the former CIS.

The cost of compulsory motor TPL insurance is calculated for the average segment of the population, and the cost of voluntary TPL will be less. As to Green Card the price corresponds to the norms and standards of the European citizen as you travel abroad.

  1. Comprehensive Motor Insurance excluding liability (CASCO)

In this case, you insure the car and receive the indemnity for any damage caused to it. It can be:

  • car theft;
  • replacement costs after an accident, no matter who is at fault;
  • damages caused by weather conditions (hurricane, hail, flood, etc.);
  • malicious damages caused to the car by any third party(broken glass, stolen mirror, etc.);
  • general damage caused to the car (fire, breakthrough of a heating main, a block of ice fell on the roof, etc.)
  • other types specified in the policy.

CASCO insurance is voluntary. This is expensive, but the risks are justified, especially when you understand that in any case you will receive the indemnity for damage, and when the cold weather comes, the number of accidents on the roads increases by 25%, due to ice, wet snow and other weather events. So it will not be over-save.

CASCO is divided into two types:

  • “All risks”. The most reliable type of insurance, as the list of exclusions for which the car owner cannot receive the indemnity is scanty (military actions, volcanic eruption, radioactive contamination, etc.)
  • “Named perils”. Contains a list of insurance risks for which the insurance company pays an insurance indemnity. This option is cheaper and more profitable for insurance companies, so it is more common in the insurance market.

What should pay attention to when buying CASCO?

  1. The list of exclusions and restrictions which allow not to pay the indemnity.
  2. The algorithm of actions and fixations by law authorities, medical examinations, etc., which must be taken to obtain the reimbursement for damages after an accident.
  3. The reliability of the company with which you arrange a policy.

To arrange a policy with an insurance company, you have two options:

  1. You are directly involved in the whole process. At your own risk, you choose an insurance company, you read a huge and legally complicated policy wording written in small print, in the event of a loss, you will collect and process all necessary documents, negotiate and litigate with the insurance company in case of non-payment, refusal or understatement of insurance payment amount or delay in terms of payment, etc.
  2. You ask for our help and receive FREE OF CHARGE the following:
  • a choice of several options with financially reliable insurance companies;
  • full legal analysis of the policy wording and clarification of its key points;
  • saving your time, money and nerves to collect all necessary documents and communicate with the insurance company in the event of a loss – this is all we will do;
  • negotiations and pre-trial settlements with the insurance company (recovery of insurance indemnity, damage assessment, compliance with deadlines, etc.);
  • representing of your interests in courts of all instances and at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • consulting on any issues related to the insurance policy.

Why free?

Our company is a large wholesale buyer who annually purchases premiums for tens of millions of UAH and place the risks for billions of UAH, therefore the services of Consoris are paid in the form of a discount from the insurance companies. You pay only the insurance premiums to the Insurers, and our services are paid by them. For more details about this, see the section “Insurance Consulting“.

Turning to us, you will receive real insurance protection, as well as comprehensive support from professional experts with many years of experience in the market.

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