The solution of the problem of purchasing a qualitative insurance can be reduced to three, at first sight, simple tasks. Namely, choose an insurance company that




If at least one of these three items is not taken into account when choosing an insurance, then wait for problems with insurance indemnity in event of a loss.

Usually people choose an insurance company based on the last option – the price of insurance, and do not take into account the first two at all. Indeed, it is difficult for a person who is far from the insurance business to understand a large and legally complicated policy wording and especially to assess the financial reliability of an insurance company. In the end, the choice of insurance becomes essentially a lottery and not a deliberate and conscious choice.

Therefore, the Insurance broker Consoris for whom the interests of the client are above all has developed and implemented the completely new insurance technologies that solve the client’s problems at all stages – from the choosing of the right insurance to the claims handling – and at the same time completely FREE for the client.

At the stage of choosing the insurance

You no longer buy a “cat in a poke”. Consoris, based on your specifics and needs, will offer you the insurance companies that meet all three of the above criteria. We do not work with doubtful insurance companies.

We have developed and implemented a unique computer system for analysing the financial reliability of the insurance companies in Ukraine, which allows you to discard all low-quality options at the initial stage.

In addition, the specialists of our legal department Consoris Lawyers will conduct a full and comprehensive analysis of the policy wording, clarify the key points and features, and agree with the insurance company the individual provisions under the policy.

At the stage of loss occurrence

Very often, when an insured event occurs, people make mistakes both in the procedure for declaring such an event and in drawing up the necessary documents. And any such trifle, at first glance, may be the basis for reducing the amount of payment, or even for refusing to pay.

In order to receive insurance payment in time and most importantly in full Consoris has created its own department for the claims handling. In this case you are guaranteed that you will not admit a procedural error as well as to collect the necessary documents yourself – our specialists will help you to declare the event so that the insurance company does not even have a formal opportunity to refuse the indemnity or delay its terms.

At the stage of claims handling

You no longer need to personally collect the necessary documents, write applications to the insurance company, discus the size of the payment and its terms. The experts of the claim handling department will not only take care of all the paperwork, but also help to defend your interests in all disputable situations, consult how to communicate correctly with the representatives of the insurance company and state bodies, and take control of the timely receipt of the insurance indemnity.

If the case comes to trial, the specialists of the legal department of Consoris Lawyers will compile the necessary letters, claims, statements of claim, and will represent you in litigation both against the insurance company and as well as against the person who caused the damage to you.

And all this for you is FREE. Our company is a large wholesale buyer who annually purchases premiums for tens of millions of UAH and place the risks for billions of UAH, therefore the services of Consoris are paid in the form of a discount from the insurance companies. You pay only the insurance premiums to the Insurers, and our services are paid by them. For more details about this, see the section “Insurance consulting“.

New insurance technologies will allow you, without additional financial expenses, not only to get really good insurance and support, but also to save your own time and nerves. Using the services of one of the oldest Insurance brokers in Ukraine, you will enter a completely new level of insurance and can really experience all its advantages!


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