Insurance consulting

Insurance consulting

Ukraine strives to integrate into EU and meets all international standards. According to them, 90% of all insurance transactions in the world are concluded only with the participation of an Insurance broker.

Who are the “insurance brokers”?

Insurance broker is a representative of the Insured (a person and/or the company who wants to insure something) in the insurance market, your defender in relations with Insurers (insurance companies). The Insurance broker, based on the interests and needs of the client, chooses the most optimal insurance product from all the variety in the market, coordinates the terms of the policy upon signing it, and also accompanies it within the entire insurance period. The activity of the Insurance brokers is strictly regulated by legislation and is controlled by the relevant state bodies.

How much does it cost?

Payment for insurance brokerage services is usually carried out in the form of a commission that is 10-20% of the insurance premium and is paid by either the Insured or the Insurer.

Our company is a large wholesale buyer who annually purchases premiums for tens of millions of UAH and place the risks for billions of UAH, therefore the services of Consoris are paid in the form of a discount by the Insurer. This dramatically reduces the cost of insurance and gives our clients the opportunity to take full advantages of the company.

This system of cooperation is mutually beneficial for all the involved parties, namely: for our clients, for insurance companies and for Consoris.

What does each of us receive?

Client –

  • gets really reliable protection in a financially stable insurance company;
  • insurance program is agreed taking into account all individual requests;
  • legally qualitative policy wording which is read by our lawyers;
  • full support in claim handling procedure (collection of all necessary documents, agreement on the indemnity amount and terms of payment, etc.) is carried out by our specialists;
  • legal protection in case of disputes with the insurance company, up to the protection of interests in the courts;

Insurance companies –

  • receive a steady flow of clients from us as a wholesale buyer;
  • save considerable money on attracting and supporting the clients;

Consoris –

  • receives stable and timely payment of services provided;

The client’s interests are above all for us, that’s why the insurance consulting service includes a review of the financial reliability of insurance companies in Ukraine. This allows us to clear out unreliable and questionable insurance companies at the initial stage. After all, the most important thing for a client is to get the insurance payment in full and in time in event of a loss.

The financial reports of insurance companies undergo thorough computer analysis using a unique methodology developed by our specialists. This allows us to determine not only the solvency of the insurance company, but also the tendency to its positive or negative change.

Insurance Consulting consists of:

  1. Choose of the insurance company and policy arrangement.
  2. Maintenance of the client’s interests within the insurance period.
  3. Protection of client’s interests when a loss occurs.
  4. Legal assistance in litigation.

And all this is FREE.

Our clients trust us to solve all insurance related issues for many years. The high percentage of renewed insurance policies (85% for more than 15 years) indicates and confirms this.


  • A unique methodology for assessing the financial reliability of insurance companies in Ukraine.
  • Ultra-technology software for rapid audit of policy wording.
  • Own Department of Claims Handling.
  • Own Legal department.
  • 20 years of experience in the field of insurance using international practice and standards.
  • Latest versions of KPI and CRM systems.

Turning to Consoris, you will get a really reliable insurance protection from one of the oldest insurance brokers in Ukraine.

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